Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not Johnson's alleppey kerala, "Romance" is where its at

I acquired this picturesque lakeside guesthouse - 'VJ's Rice Garden- a backwater resort, a few months back.. I took it keeping in mind the requirements for my eco houseboat. It's a nice quiet spot and i can draw power for the boat from the guesthouse there, as well as other advantages. It has 5 rooms and as the reason tourists come to Alleppey is for the backwaters, what better than a budget guesthouse right on the lake front as the perfect antidote for those tourists who are on a budget and cannot afford a houseboat overnight cruise? But, the more time I spend over there, the more I realize that it was a brilliant acquisition. Just sitting by the edge of the lake, looking out on to the water, or watching the sunset over the paddy fields, or watching the birds, insects, butterflies passing over the property- it's magic fairy land countryside. Walking over the narrow pathways adjacent to the resort is refreshing. And I have bought a goat (which has delivered two cute playful lambs) exotic hens, ducks, quails, turkeys, geese, etc.It's almost like a farmhouse now. It's a great spot for fishing, for walks, or simply to sit there looking at the lake, it's all good. Go for canoeing,and the sunsets over the paddy fields are amazing. This place is much better than most of the lakeside guesthouses by the finishing point or Punnamada lake, as it's less busy here, and there's a much more wider lake to gaze out to. Less houseboats passing by also, unlike the busier Finishing point side guesthouses- it's almost completely noise free. An island maybe, as you have to take a canoe to get there, (5 minutes crossing). The only debate I have with myself is should I go in for Internet or wi fi here. Right now, it's techno free. But i am not sure how long i can keep it that way, as all tourists now want access to the net. I have named it 'Romance', and the rooms have been painted in romantic hues. The whole woody feel to the place is great- lots of plants and trees, the river in front and the paddy fields behind, a little paradise, really!. And I have just released fish and prawn hatchlings into my pond on the resort. In a couple of months time, there will be fresh fish and prawns for my guests there also. And i am planning to put some lotus and lily plants into my pond as well. Can it get any better? :-) I never realized the value of this place till I started spending time there. Now, I try to spend as much time as possible there, whenever my busy schedule permits. Can't understand why tourists come to Alleppey and stay in beach resorts. Folks, the backwaters is where the magic is!! In alleppey, go to the lake, cruise on a houseboat, stay in a lakeside resort. Do not stay at Johnson's,Alleppey,Kerala or the Secret beach:-). "Romance" is where it's at. Johnson Gilbert 18/10/2012