Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ages since I last blogged 09/09/2016

I guess blogging has become old fashioned, now that tweets, instagram and other daily briefs have taken over. Well, guess I'll put one out just for old times sake.

Here's some of the main developments over the last couple of years. I have given up my lake front guesthouse, and sold my boat. It was getting too hectic and too busy with trying to control all three entities. So I now concentrate only on the guesthouse, and have taken a houseboat on lease.

I am in the third year of indulging in my latest wonderful new passion. No, it's not a new girlfriend, although I will forgive those who think so, because, well there is a new girlfriend. No, this is better than a girlfriend, and almost better than sex. It is a new hobby, the only hobby that I've ever had that does not cost me money. I am writing a book. Yay, now you know. Yup, its an epic historical (light fantasy, a bit of horror, romance, theme, martial arts, etc. thrown in) novel set in eighteenth century India. I will not say more. Read it when it comes out, if it comes out:-)

In the business front, we are still there, but not flourishing as before, because of competition. Thus, I have just completed a total overhaul of the property, and hope to catch up with online promotion, and seek other avenues such as domestic tourists to augment the drop in International tourist check ins.

I bought a car, taxi actually and gone on some wonderful India vacations.