Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Services -Now I have it all and we're going eco.

Eco -eatery.

I had this space at the back of the house which was lying unused. It's now turned it into a garden restaurant for my in house guests. We do bbq's here daily from 7.00 p.m. on and I am getting a wonderful response from it. I have also put in a new smart t.v. there on which I can play 3D movies using playstation3. My guests are mostly amazed 'cause nobody who have been here so far have seen 3D on t.v. Just like on my eco houseboat I make sure that the food we serve is plentiful, and non-spicy. My tables are pretty unusual too. And if I may say so myself, very creative. Visit us to find out what's so creative about it. And order a meal while you're at it:-( It's also become the lounge area and is connected to my old bamboo cottage which has now become the internet and wi-fi hub. As well as the bathroom for the restaurant. And how is it eco? Well I just put in an order yesterday for a bio-gas plant which will convert all food waste to cooking gas. Cool or what? Of course the lights are soon going to be solar too.


I got into yoga and kalari (kerala martial arts) couple of years back and was pretty happy about it. And since quite a few of our guests were into yoga, I asked my yoga/Kalari teacher to give lessons for my guests at home for rs.200/- per class. And it's going good.

Cooking class

Everyone in Fort Kochi guesthouses are doing it and hey, if they can do it, so can I. i have an excellent lady cook who speaks some english and I charge rs.200/- per person per class for it. All the money goes to my cook, so it keeps her happy. And when the cook is happy, we are happy.Everyone is happy when the cook is happy. Secret to a happy household - keep you r cook happy, never mind the wife:-(

Electric Moped

Ok, so it's our 10th year aniversary celebrations and since i have been bloggin about climate change and how the world should be going eco and all that - well, what better way than to set an example. As a lot of eco scientists say, there's money in going eco. So, I bought myself an electric scooter - the eco-bike I call it. It gives me only 50 kilometers at one go before a 6 hour re-charge, but that's cool. And importantly, I can and am renting it out to my guests for Rs.250/- a day. It's got a speed limit of 25 k's. Which means you do not need a helmet or a license to ride it. That's great for the tourists who do not have to put on helmets and do not need a license. So I put my money where my mouth is - i walk the talk or should I say, I ride the talk.

Internet and wi-fi

Finally I bought a computer and have installed wi-fi in the restaurant. Wi-fi is kinda rare in Alleppey. So my guests are pretty thrilled that I can give them this facility at my place.


My orchid garden suffered a setback recently when I inadvertantly sprayed pesticide on them mistakently. Quite a few died off. But I have now replaced it with new ones.

Washing machine

Another of my X'mas splurges, is this new smart washing machine which cost me plenty. There's a lot of tourists who want to have their clothes washed, and then complain later about stains or whatever. I plan on giving them use of the washing machine at Rs.100/-. However much they can wash at one go. My staff will instruct them on the use of the machine, but the guests do their own washing. And buy their own washing powder and stuff. So no complaints and no extra work for my staff.

Feb 19 2012

20/04/2012 And now, my proudest eco achievement after my houseboat. I have installed solar lights in all guest rooms at my homestay. Cool or what?

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