Thursday, May 27, 2010

Johnson's 2012 - 2013 mixed season

A very mixed season, although I did the numbers well, the complaints I got this last season was some of the worst, and I have to say, I got some really bad tourists here as well. I can blame it on the world wide recession, but also have to admit that my tolerance towards testy tourists is wearing thin. Review sites like tripadvsior are partly to blame too. Guests come in, and as in the case of Barbara Ball, who was on her second visit here, actually threatened (disguised) to put a bad review if she did not get a discount. I did not take her seriously as she and her daughter were very friendly on their last visit, but what happens - a not very nice review turns up soon enough. Barbara Ball's was not the worst, there was plenty of really bad ones, but I still put her in the category of worst tourists this season. And not to forget Shaun and 2 friends - English, who I came to a physical confrontation with. Sadly, the English were the worst guests this season. Surprising too as they usually get on very well with me. On the bright side was the number of recommended guests turning up. One would think that Tripadvisor bad reviews would make a dent in my arrivals, but hell, they can kiss my butt, as we did the numbers very well. Another change I am making now, is that I am slowly opening my doors to Indian tourists. I realize that the younger Indian guests are really nice, as opposed to the days when I was starting and it was a really horrid expenrience dealing with Indian guests. In fact, I am also toying with the idea of restricting my guest age group to under 40 years. I know that I get along well much better with younger tourists than with the middle age more demanding over 40 group. I have also taken a new resort- a lake side guesthouse where we berth my houseboat for the evening. Hope it does well.


Matthew Pazzol said...

Staying on Johnson's houseboat was amazing. Very accommodating staff, great food. Woke up one morning to the sound of children singing across the water.

Swathi said...

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